Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Scrapbooking Pages

Ok, it's traditional versus contemporary... most people like one or the other - you know... a bit like marmite... love it of hate it!
Well, a couple of years ago I was making 8x8 albums for the female members of the family and for my mum and sister I decided to make an 8x8 layout about Christmas. So the traditional one was for my mum (as she likes grean!) and the more contemporary (alternative) layout of blues was for my sister.
Both Layouts use the same pictures, but it is surprising how different they can look isn't it!?
So which do you prefer, traditional greens, reds and golds or something different?
The year I made these layouts (Christmas 2005) I made the albums too, and the idea was that the one for my mum... well she scraps (a little bit) so she could fill it with her own pages, but the one for my sister -who isn't "arty" as she puts it - would be filled with page from me occasionally. Not done too well on that score.
However, the album I made for my mother-in-law, I have actually made a number of pages for that album. I made a small one for her... 6x8. That size works rather well, and I give her the odd layout of her granddaughter (mostly) periodically throughout the year.
So buy (or make) an empty album for someone and then Christmas and birthdays... presents are sorted! LOL Well you could try?!

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