Sunday, December 02, 2007

Freebie Scrapbooking

Here are some sites that do a lot of hard work. The authors spend their time searching lots of sites and posting links to all those that have a freebie that day.

Now obviously I am talking about digital freebies, but you can download these and print out a lot of the stuff, ie, some embellishments.

Some digital items can also be taken into programs like "Word" so that you can print them with/on/around or over your photographs.

For instance you can place a frame over a photograph in Word, print it and then cut out the whole lot and place that on your layout!!

Anyway... Well done to these ladies for all their hard work!

Ikea Goddess

Amy W's Scrap-A-Lot

And here is a blog giving away free Christmassy stuff! Digitreats

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