Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can you guess where the other photographs are on this Scrapbooking Page

Here is a proper photograph of the scrapbooking layout I posted yesterday. As I mentioned, this was made to demonstrate "layering". I wonder if you can "now" see where the other photos might be hiding in this multi-photo page... answers on a postcard please..! LOL - only joking! But you can have a guess and leave a comment if you like!

Anyway, this layout is the subject of an article in the February issue of the Newsletter, out at the beginning of Feb.


And here are a couple of close ups. You might like to know that the background to the little frame detailed in the bottom picture (black with white swirls) is actually the top foil of a dessert carton!



1 comment:

AuroraDawn said...

Beautiful page Sunday, my guess would be under the little frame? or under the flower.