Monday, January 19, 2009

Card - Blast from the past!

Hello to you!

I have posted here a photo of a Thank You card which I (and hubby and daughter) received recently...

It's from my Mum! and the photo on the card is of my mum holding "yours truly" in the water... oh what fun I look like I'm having! LoL ! Hmmm... I'm not sure about nowadays... blue traquil waters of a beach in Key West maybe!

Thanks Mum for a lovely card!

Anyway, I'm off out this evening to my Dance class... I do "Ceroc" and enjoy it a lot, it's just a shame that at the mo Miles, my husband, can't join me. Still I'm working on that one... a babysitter is needed.

I shall be posting some pictures of my "In the Mirror" mini album (5x7) in the next couplde of days which I have finally finished.. WooHoo!

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