Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Direction

I've been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching these past weeks. And I have made some decisions along the way, some choices.

I have been keeping this blog completely related to scrapbooking (as much as I can) and at times it can be very restrictive to my creative flow!

I didn't want to just trawl the web and bring you links, and I didn't want to bung a load of "chit chat" or personal life stuff in here like some other blogs, because it can get boring for readers.

But I have made the decision that rather than start a new blog to run alongside... something I don't want to spend more time on, I have decided I will be posting more than just scrapbooking ideas here - more than just ways to display your photos.

I want to explore other avenues and you are welcome to join me on my journey of discovery through my creative potential.

I was worried I would be judged and people would not appreciate my ramblings on such subjects as finding ones true self and inner wishes, whilst I try to find out who I am.

You know all those cliches of "finding oneself", but you get to a certain age where you realise that there is more to life and you just can't smother this undercurrent any more.

I have already started my journey, by listening to audiobooks and videos/DVDs and read quite a few books. I have mentioned "the Secret" a few times already (about the Law of attraction) but I have tried to keep things within the boundaries of Scrapbooking... bearing in mind the title of this blog.

But it is time now for me to lift the lid on stuff, stop hiding and start expressing! It's ok, I won't go into personal details... there is stuff that is much better left unsaid (LOL). But I hope you will find inspiration and some meaning and maybe even talk to me about your experiences.

So just before you fall asleep... I'll leave you with a taster of a small layout I made recently... I'll post the completed page and explanation in the next post!

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Siobhan said...

So glad to see you are going to share some more of yourself with us Sunday. As you know I love scrapping as therapy :)