Friday, January 23, 2009

Scrapbooking Tip - Using Rub-ons that won't work properly

Hello! I have been filming a couple of videos today. They are for the February issue of the Newsletter. I also cleared and cleaned most of the house this afternoon, which is only noteworthy because (as my husband would be quick to agree!) I don't "do" housework very often! LOL

Anyway, here is another page I finally managed to finish... one that had been "Half done" for some time! Let me give you a tip... the title to this page shows an example of this tip.

Finished Page
The child's face has been masked at the request of the parents.

You will notice that the letters to the title appear to be printed on acrylic (or similar). Well they are actually rub-ons which I have cut out from their backing. Why have I done this? ... you may well ask. Well basically because I bought these rub-ons from a bargain bin in a local craft/scrapbooking shop and found that no matter how hard I rubbed, there was no "on" going on!

I think as they were old stock (I presume, hence the discount) they had actually dried out too much and didn't want to come off the backing sheet.

So, my tip is that if you have some rub-ons that... frankly, won't "rub-on" then stop rubbing and start cutting. Just cut out each of the letters you wish to use (this is for the bigger sizes of alphabet and for words and quotes really) and adhere them to your project. I have left my cutting "rough" as I wanted that effect, but I could have trimmed in tight to the edge of the letters.

I have used the glue from a glue pen on the back of each letter, but for such things as quotes, you could easily make use of the backing by way of using brads or eyelets etc.


AuroraDawn said...

Good idea to cut out the rub-ons - I have a few that just won't rub-on even though I warmed them up (as advised by my local craft shop)

Lovely LO BTW

Sunday said...

Yes, even steaming them doesn't always work! LOL You can imagine the scene can't you! burnt fingers despite the tweezers ! laughing!