Friday, January 16, 2009

January Winner for the Freebie and a little sunshine.

Ok, hubby has "done the thing with the pin" !!! And the winner is....

GINA. Well done Gina! Send me an email with your postal address and the answer to the question (see previous post) and the papers pack will be winging it's way to you soon.

To the rest of you lovely ladies... thank you for your company on the blog... and I hope you have better luck next time?! I shall see what yummy stash I can find for the Feb Freebie Frenzy.

While I was scrapping the buttons on my little album pages the sun was shining... ah it was lovely. My room faces south and I had to hang a piece of gauze across the window to stop me from squinting!

But as usual... my Jack Russell - Toffee - had noticed the beam of sunlight across the room. Toffee can always be found wherever there is sunlight... she is a real sun worshipper!

So I thought, as I had my camera beside me, I would snap the evidence of the little madam trying to catch a few rays. She had moved to the farthest point of the room which is actually the wall of the en suite shower room (yes folks, I pinched the master bedroom for my craft room/office... well let's face it..., all you do in a bedroom is sleep... right? so it doesn't need to be the biggest bedroom, right?! LOL Well that was my argument anyway... and my hubby bought it!).

Anyway... you can see the "slit of sunlight" she's in can't you... bless her!


Jean said...

Hi Sunday,
love the picture of your dog unfortunately O/H was more interested in your pipes and radiator (he is a gas engineer and plumber) although I must say he is an animal lover as well

Jean x x

Sunday said...

Ooh... I'll remember that little piece of info, Jean, for when my slightly dodgy bits of plumbing need attention! LOL

Gina said...

Wow - can't believe it was me. Thank you very much. Next question will be what shall I do with the papers when I get them!

Mechelle said...

Awww! Your Pup is just like mine~ If there's sunshine he's in it(He's a Jack Russel too)~ Sweet life of a dog~ Must be so nice to no worries.

Congratulations Gina!