Friday, June 22, 2007

An alternative View

I am writing this post whist sitting in my hotel room at the Newport Bay Club, one of the Disney hotels in Disneyland Paris.

“Ooh er,” I hear you say! Or… “sad woman can’t leave her laptop at home and have a holiday!”. Well the reason for posting this blog now, is that I managed to get an internet connection, or should I say buy and internet connection, and I was darn well going to use it all! It was a bit of an experiment for me really to see if I could use my WiFi out and about!

Anyway… I used the title “An Alternative View” for this short blog post because I have made the decision that I am going to scrapbook the “real” Disneyland Experience!

After a bit of a disastrous holiday last year where we spent the whole time catering for my daughter (then 2½ years old) and didn’t get a holiday ourselves, we decided not to try to please everyone but to bring my daughter here on holiday so that there was lots for her to do and we would do this holiday for her basically. Then next week we are dumping her on my mum and going to a hotel over night (my husband and I) for some adult time, in a child free environment!

So we knew there would be lots of people and children, but there is still more than we expected to find in school term time in June!

But I have decided to do some scrapbooking layouts not on the usual “Wonderful World –of…” but rather the “Scruffy, Disappointing and down right rip-off” side of things here!

I will of course post the photos of the pages here, so watch this space. But I think doing scrapbook pages with a negative view in mind, might be a refreshing challenge! We mostly scrap good events… so it will be a change from the norm… Sorry Norm, nothing personal! LOL!

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