Sunday, June 10, 2007

Don’t Panic… the answer to scrapbooking your OLD photos!

Ok… own up… who hasn’t scrapbooked their photos yet cos they are frightened about cutting them up, or confused about all this talk of acid causing havoc or both?

Well in this day and age of computers, photocopiers and scanners… you don’t have to make either of those decisions!

Now obviously, I am talking about all those original photos from pre-digital era, which let’s face it, is still relatively new, so we are talking precious “one-off” photos.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that scrapbooking is just a way of storing your photos… it is so much more than that, but the main reason for scrapping our photos is so that we have a lovely way to show them off. There is not much point in having our photos frankly, if we are not going to enjoy them, right?!

I can’t be the only one who has found themselves sidetracked whilst looking for a specific thing spending the whole evening reminiscing whilst wading my way through my stacks of pictures!

So, the answer to not scrapping old photos because you don’t want to harm them is simple… don’t scrap them!

No, it’s alright, I haven’t gone mad, what I mean is – make a copy!

1. You can scan them in, if you have a scanner, and then print them out.

2. You can photocopy them, with an all-in-one printer if you have one, or take them to the local shop which has a colour photocopier to get them copied.

3. You can also photograph them!! Using your camera in daylight or with a daylight bulb (mind the reflection though) you can take a photo of the picture and download it straight onto your computer – not the best method, but if needs must as they say.

You can then store the original photograph in a pocket at the back of your layout. (More on this trick of “invisible storage” as I call it, in another post).

The picture at the top is of me aged about 4 (around 1972), a picture “borrowed” from my mum’s collection – scanned in.

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