Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who are they, what shall I write?

Ideas for scrapping old photos with no specific information

Most of us have old photographs or, as per my post last Sunday, we have a
Scan or photocopy of some oldies.

You will probably have been told who it is in the picture and that’s it. If you’re lucky you may have some idea of the year (or decade!) in which the photograph was taken.

How do you scrapbook this type of photograph?

Well one way is to journal in the present. By that I mean that your journaling, and maybe even your title, could be in the form of questions to the person in the picture. For instance… “What was your life really like Grandad?” as a title for page, with some questioning journaling, such as “I wonder what your life was like as a young man?” “I wonder what made you be a fireman?”, etc.

Talk (write) to the person (in the photo) as if they could hear you, in other words in the ‘first person’. “I wish I could have got to know you better, but I was only a little girl when you passed away….”. Tell the person how you feel about them.

This is also a good way to create pages for loved ones, whether they are still with us or have already “shifted off this mortal coil” (come on Monty Python fans… keep up LOL!) It’s a bit like writing a letter to them. If it’s really personal stuff, then hide your journaling under the photograph or in a pouch.

Sometimes, when just writing a few words to the person in the photograph, you will be able to pick out a great title for your page from within the journaling. Why not give it a go.

Picture is of my Grandmother circa mid 1960s. Gonna be “talking” to her for sure! Will post the resulting layout soon!

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