Saturday, June 16, 2007

Let your Words paint the Picture

There are many times in our lives when something is said, done or experienced but we have no photographs to record it.

So there are a lot of things that we would like to document in our scrapbooks, but don’t due to the lack of pictures.

Well there is no reason why we need to have a photograph on every page, is there?! If you don’t have photos, there are lots of was you can bring the memory to life.

Possibly most important must be journaling. You can use the journaling as the focus for your layout. Of course there are the usual things you may have picked up from a specific event (such as an outing) like tickets, receipts, programmes, etc and these are great for embellishing your story. (So rather more like your old-fashioned scrapbooking then!).


If, however, you are conveying maybe a cute conversation between yourself and your 3 year old daughter, for instance, then you won’t have memorabilia available! In this instance there are thousands of ready made embellishments with sentiments that could compliment the message to your viewers. And some of these embellishments are works of art in themselves and can complete your scrapbooking layout very well.

Another way of creating interest on a page with no picture is to embellish the written words themselves with highlighting and changing typefaces for different words to give EMPHASIS on certain points. Changing the font size is another way of adding interest, as is using labels or other “3D” effects on certain words.

For those of you will a “real” camera phobia who just will not have their picture taken, this is a great way to create self-portrait pages. Use journaling about yourself, your likes and dislikes, events, feelings… the works. It will end up being a kind of embellished personal diary, but your loved ones will enjoy it… especially if you hand write a lot of the journaling.

But bear in mind that everyone wants to see you - the good and the ugly, the ups and the downs, the young and the old!

But if you don’t have a picture of yourself… or the event or memory you want to pass on… no worries mate… as they say down under (so they tell me!) just journal!

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