Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Key questions for your personal journey

I found this on my “net travels” – actually via the Scrapbook Inspirations site. It is a copy of a section from Joanna Campbell Slan’s ezine. I thought it particularly interesting for us scrapbookers as a “checklist” for organising our minds for self-portrait layouts, or even mini albums for that matter.

I believe more and more that scrapbooking can be a fantastic way of helping us “look at ourselves” and find the real person inside… not just the mum (or dad for that matter) wife, partner, auntie, etc that we seem to become!

Anyway… this is what she says…

“…All of us choose to learn new things. We start out small, feeling inadequate, and work to greater heights. Journaling about your journey can help you see how far you've come.
Key questions:
Why did you start this journey?
What obstacles have you faced?
Who has encouraged you?
When did you begin to feel you were making progress?
What changes have you seen? What can you do now that you couldn't do before?... “

This was actually in the context of one person slimming and the author herself weight training to increase her bone density… but this list of questions can be used for almost any personal journey in life that we want to achieve.

I wonder if starting an album or set of pages at the beginning of something new… like trying to lose weight, might actually help keep us on the straight and narrow… to achieve our goals?

You know… I might even do just that! I want to lose some weight (that I can’t seem to shake off post-pregnancy) and I should definitely get fitter! Maybe… if I do the pages and even post them on this here blog… I would have YOU to answer to if I didn’t keep it up!!

What do you think about that?!!
For help with journaling… check out Joanna Campbell Slan’s site here.

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