Saturday, June 09, 2007

Are you living a life to remember?

I found an interesting snippet (which was actually a post back in April on a blog whose author's details I have unfortunately lost!) which I wanted to share with you. It refers back to my posts regarding self portrait pages (yesterday and end of May). I think you’ll find it interesting too.


In visiting scrapbook celebrity Heidi Swapp's website, I found a link to a handout she used at a women's expo she did recently. It challenged its viewers with five different challenges on the topic of "Are you living a life to remember?" I thought they were excellent, and that they made an excellent scrapbooking challenge.
The five thoughts are--

Remember to be passionate about something
Remember what makes you happy
Remember what matters most
Remember to cherish those you love
Remember to have fun
Remember to be grateful

My challenge to all of you is to think about those five thoughts. Journal your responses to each of those thoughts, then if you are so inclined create a scrapbook layout or art project based on one of them or all of them. What a wonderful way to put the important things in perspective.
And if any of you are interested in seeing the original handout form, go to ...


Now the link above does indeed go to the pdf file of the handout, but I can’t find anything on the Heidi Swapp site that refers to the women’s expo which the writer speaks of. You may have better luck! We must all remember to savor those important moments in life and scrapbooking can help us do that so well. I think I will make a scrapbooking layout using one of these thoughts as inspiration.

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