Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Beauty of White

It was my wedding anniversary the week before last and my husband gave me a big hand tied bouquet of flowers - can't go wrong with flowers, I just love them. And although I do have my preference of colours (I don't really like bouquets of yellows and oranges much) I just love fresh flowers, period.

Anyway, this particular bouquet was blues and whites. Nice combination. And it contained one of my most favourite flowers... lilies. I love lilies because they are big and bold but also simple - they only have 6 petals. I even like the yellow ones! LOL!
So, as I always do, I took some photos of the bouquet, and I will get around to scrapbooking a layout about it.
I am thinking of doing a little book or album about the various bouquets I have been lucky enough to receive over the years... just need to try to find the various photos. All the ones I have taken since I got my digital camera are no probs, it's all those ones before that - taken with... oh... what's it called again... [thinks] oh yes... 35mm film! How quaint, LOL!
In the meantime I thought I would post this close up of a pure white lily from the bouquet.
The inspiration I take from this... that I would like to attempt a layout using only shades of white!! Now that is a challenge!

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