Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good grief it was windy!

Well I feel like I've been sand blasted today!!

I decided in my wisdom to go to the beach this afternoon. There is a nice little beach about 10 miles from me. It's got a little area with bouncy castle, etc for the kiddies and other little amenities.

Anyway, thought it would be nice if we all went, I took my daughter there on Wednesday afternoon, but it was really winding - had fun erecting the little beach shelter (tent thingy) that I had just bought, as you can imagine.

So, we went... to the beach... and it was soooooo windy I can't tell you !!!!!

I think I have been exfoliated, through my clothes!!!!

I was wearing a T-shirt and 3/4 trousers, jumper and had to give in to wearing a light weight coat too.

English beach holidays... stuff of legends! I've got sand in all sorts of places... in my ears, hair... well let's not go anywhere else eh?!

The picture is actually one I took when Honey and I went to the beach on Wednesday which was windy, but not as windy as today... good grief!

So you just know I'm gonna scrap this picture with a comment to how flippin' windy it was, don't you?!!

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