Monday, August 06, 2007

Speed Scrapping!

Phewee, there... I did it! [pant,pant]

From photos taken yesterday afternoon to 12x12" layout this evening!

And... photo then taken, fiddled with in Photoshop Elements and brought to you now!!

I've even impressed myself! Well of course it is at the expense of everything else this evening!!!!

Trick was to "keep it simple". Cos that's my trouble... I get ideas that take an age to figure out, carry out and lay out!

So there is it anyway!

I'm off back to A&E with my daughter tomorrow morning! Yes, not satisfied with her final inspection at the plastic surgery department last Thursday, after nearly taking the whole of the top of one finger off (see post in June) she decided, in her wisdom, to snort a small bead up her right nostril !!

Kids eh [rolls eyes and tuts].

So off we jolly well go again up to the main hospital. I was hoping it would come out on it's own (she did it on Friday evening), but it's still up there. So I took her to the little outpatients in the local town, but they can usually get "items" out of orifices... but not in this case as it's too far up and they would need to give her a bit of anesthetic before they go poking around up there.

Of course, they don't keep any of the "special spray" they use!

What fun we will have at the EN&T department... that's what the nurse kept referring it to. "What is EN&T?" I asked ... "Oh Ear, Nose and Throat".

Obvious when you know, isn't it! LOL

Of course during all this Honey can't feel it up there, she has tried to snort it out, and is actually quite good at snorting now - so the silver lining to this is that she may actually learn how to properly blow her nose!

And bless her... she lies on the sofa (or the bed) and let's me shine my keyfob torch up her snout to check whether it's till there or not!

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