Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where's my Memory

I have been trying to venture into the world of Digital Scrapbooking, but despite my laptop being only a year old - I need more memory!

I bought Photoshop Elements a few months ago and created my first page whilst trying to work my way around the new program.
The layout is the one of my daughter riding her new bicycle which I mentioned in an earlier post.
I used free papers and elements from various sources (when I can get the info I will put the credits for the designers on here) Most of it, however, is the "Festival" collection freebie from Shabby Princess.
It is a primitive attempt, but I am quite impressed with the ease of use. BUT...
Getting back to the Memory part... my poor LT (laptop) really didn't like the hefty file sizes and took forever to save the page... and as for printing it... well [rolls eyes!]
So I had been trying to arrange for some more RAM and today it was fitted, meaning I have 3 times the amount of RAM and boy, does it make a difference!
Wouldn't it be good if we humans could just slot in a bit more memory - think how much more we could get done!!

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