Friday, August 10, 2007

Scrapbooking Challenge on UKScrappers

Well, it's been a week of firsts for me!

The first "first" is that I have signed up, and now become a member of an online Team on UKScrappers.

I have been a browser for a while, since 2005 in fact, but never really wanted to spend too much time fiddling - gosh you can spend a lifetime just reading and chatting on there!

Anyway, my team name is Rockin Ribbon Raiders!

The second "first" (is that possible?) is that I have entered one of the challenges! The resulting layout is pictured here.

I don't know if I have posted in the right places on the UKS website, but someone will tell me maybe, if I have!

The third "first" is that this is my first ever layout of my sister!

The fourth and final "first" is that I can safely say it is my first ever layout to include a camel!!! LOL!

And for all of those of you who have been on the Scrapbuddies website recently, and are planning to attend the next crop in Ditchingham on Saturday 18th August, this is also a layout to cover the first of the two challenges from which to choose! (as I half-inched it from the UKS site - duly credited, of course!) So you're getting a sneeky peek!

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karelyn said...

So did you join the cyber crop? I missed it all as I've been in Cornwall but have some of the classes to try next week. well done on joining a team so soon after joining the site too! What is your name over there? I'm thriftycrafter. Hoping to have a go at challenge 2 on Saturday. Karelyn