Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

Well this is the card I have made for my hubby for our 15th Wedding Anniversary - which is tomorrow!

"Oh no!" I hear you say... "what if he sees it?"
Well excuse me while I roll about on the floor with laughter! The chances of my husband using a computer to view my blog is akin to the chances of Tim Henman winning Wimbledon! Sorry Tim, but I'll give you an "A" for effort!!
My hubby tells everyone that I have a blog and what it's about, but he has only seen it because I showed him on my computer - he's a bit of a technophobe!
Anyway, this was a budget card really (not intentionally - just ended up that way!).
The papers came free with Scrapbooking Inspirations March 2007 issue and the chipboard heart with the June issue (Ellory Designs), and the blue ribbon has been recycled from something, although I can't remember what!!
I quite like the papers, you may remember them from the post re the Paper bag album. They are from "Sassafras Lass". They are not my usual colours (certinaly not usually mixed together) but my top in the photograph kinda lead the way on the colour front.
I'll let you know if, by some miracle, my hubby manages to see this post!!

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