Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Envelope Albums

I have been thinking about doing an envelope album for a while now.

I thought I might create one as a demo for my ScrapBuddies Group here in the UK, (Ditchingham, Suffolk Scrapbooking Club).

I have had a link in my favourites with an example of one for some time too. This picture is from the "Two Peas" site.
Holiday Project: Christmas Letters Mini Album by Traci Turchin.

There are more pictures on a slide show when you get to the site.

In this instance the bound envelope book is actually sold as a blank album to decorate, but as it is American, I would have to go a-hunting for an equivalent here.

So in the true spirt of "make-it-yourself" I have got out some envelopes this evening and have just tested them with my trusty pH tester pen. So far so good, but I like to leave the test over night as although an immediate change in colour of the pH ink can tell you if something is REALLY acid, it can take longer to show if something is only slightly acid. Either way it won't do your photos, etc any good.

So I will see how we get on with that first, but I was then thinking about the binding of the envelopes.

The picture here shows the binding of what looks like a "Bind It All". Now as I don't have one of those I thought that I may use either book rings, or possibly even stitch the envelopes together.

If I do the latter I will have to work out a way to attach the "board front and back covers! ANy suggestions anyone?

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