Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is "Simple" what you want?

I posted this Scrapbooking layout in my gallery at UK Scrappers a while ago (I am a team member there).

It is an incredibly simple layout designed for use at a workshop for complete beginners.

As a member of UK Scrappers, I am able to see (due to some site changes, not all of which are welcome!!) who has left a comment and/or who has added any of my Layouts to their "favourites" folder on their profile.

I have to say that this layout is rapidly becoming the most "saved in favourites" by far! Over and above all those layouts I have slaved over for hours!

Is it the cute photo of Inde perhaps?

Is it that we look at this Layout and say to ourselves "I can do that!" ?

Or is it that we are all crying out for a little simplicity in our Scrapbooking?

I am actually hoping it is the latter because it will mean that my next ebook - Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners - will be welcomed by those looking for that simplicity.

This is another reason why I have set up to Keep it Simple.

I have seen too many ticking, flashing and wurring websites that shout at you and confuse the eyeballs! Do you stay on sites like that? I don't, I can't be bothered! I'd like to think that my website and newsletter will become welcome symbols of calm and serenity... a Scrapbooking Oasis in a world wide web of noise and dazzling colours.


Emma said...

Hi. I've just signed up for the newsletter and am really looking forward to seeing what you have come up with. Its a brilliant idea so well done...I hope it goes really well for you. Hugs Emma.x

Sunday said...

Thanks Emma, your blog look great - especially the backgrounds! I hope you'll be pleased with the site and newsletter, don't forget to give me feedback so I can improve it for you all the time!
Sunday x

AuroraDawn said...

Hi sunday, I've just signed up for the newsletter too. And in answer to your question, Yes, simple is what I prefer - I see scrapbooking as a creative way to save my photos with journalling that will mean something in the future, it doesn't need too much embellishment, sometimes too much can take away from the memory??

I too am looking forward to your monthly newsletter, and will keep an eye on your blog, as I always do.



Sunday said...

Thanks Dawn, I certainly want to keep things simple, as I think a lot of people feel like you! (and me) Many are too overwhelmed with all the stuff out there!