Thursday, August 07, 2008

Circle Journal - "Favourite Group" finished pages

Well here is the double page layout for the Circle Journal, as they look in the CJ itself.
I much prefer to cover the whole page when making an entry into a Circle Journal, but as this journal is going to be bound with a "Bind it All", there are many holes all the way down instead of the usual 3 or 4!

So for ease of entry, I decided to stop my scrapbooking pages just short of the holes.

It mucks up the design a little, but I couldn't be bothered to hand punch all those holes! LOL

As for the "sign in" tag... this was made by photocopying the official ticket and then covering the provided blank tag with an area of the ticket, adding a large eyelet and some ribbon and there it is!

So the scrapbooking layout is fully digital and the tag is traditional/hybrid (hybrid due to the use of the photocopier/scanner)

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