Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Anniversary card - using a "Quick Page"

It's my wedding anniversary today!

16 years Miles and I have been together - in marriage that is! We've actually been "together" for 18 and a half years!

So here is the card he received this morning.

The title was cut using my trusty Craft Robo, eventually! That was because I had forgotten how to set it up in the program, and for some reason (probably because of the UK Scrappers changes to their whole site) my favourite link to the helpful article in the Craft Robo forum doesn't work any more!

Isn't it always the way when you want to do something quickly! I made the card last night!!!

There is a bit of ribbon and a "gem" brad of course but here is the clever bit you might want to remember!

The background is actually a downloadable digital "Quick Page"!! That means (for those unfamiliar with the term) that the page is done for you and it is actually just a picture file a PNG or even a JPEG - just like the ones from your camera).

The designer, in this case Retrodiva, designs a whole page and leaves a "hole" for you to put your picture in!

Most of these quick pages come in 12x12" size but, of course you can resize! I resized to 5.5" square so that I could place the finished "page" onto an A5 sized card - I obviously cut the bottom off the base card to make it square!

But quick pages are GREAT for cards... I have used a few recently for cards and just added embellishments... effectively making them Hybrid cards!

And the beauty of it is that you can do the same using any program (such as a word processor even) that supports the use of pictures!

So you see it can be worth dabbling in digital, especially when some of these things are free! (I will point out that this one wasn't free but was a mere $5.99 (£2.70) for 5 quick pages! Just over 50p each!


AuroraDawn said...

Hi Sunday,

Its a lovely card, I'll bet SH loved it.

Sunday said...

Ah thanks Dawn... he did and it went straight to work to sit on his desk! Good job I took a photo of it before I gave it to him!!