Friday, August 22, 2008

Masking your stamping mistakes!

Whilst on the subject of stamping... here is an example (on the left side of the photo) of a stamp that has not made a clean impression all over. Click the picture for an enlargement.

In this instance it is a "frilly" picture frame.

Now I could have just said "Oh bother"!!!! and thrown it away and started again - but I didn't.

That would have been a bit wasteful, wouldn't it?

So I did colour it (I actually used it as part of a recent demonstration about using aqua pencils).

And as I did so I thought of this blog and of you! This is because I want to show you how to "get round" or "cover up" scrapbooking mistakes. We see lots of lovely things online, in magazines and books and stare in awe at the creative prowess of the crafter, but many times a page has only turned out the way it has because due to having to "deal with" a mistake! But the viewer is observing in ignorant bliss! LOL

I, for one, learn a lot more from seeing how people have solved a particular problem, than I do from just seeing a finished project.

So.. and this is a really simple one... the dodgy corner of the stamped image above has merely been covered by placing an object over it! How simple is that!

On a scrapbooking layout, this could be a a page accent, or a matted photo, the list is actually endless, but it's worth covering with something that is substantial enough not to look like "a pea on a drum". In other words, the page accent covering the corner of the stamped image above is an element in it's own right, rather than just placing a strip of paper over it and hoping for the best!

Sometimes, ironically, mistakes lead to more lovely designs than the original idea!!

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