Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sneeky Peek - New Scrapbooking Website and Newsletter

Have you noticed? Well of courwe, for those of you for whom this is a first visiting to this blog, then you won't have known that today my blog header has changed!

What d'ya think then?

And the reason for all this? ... you ask... well I am launching a number of things at the beginning of next month!

First a New Scrapbooking Website,
Second a Free Scrapbooking online Newsletter
Third, My Ribbon Storage Solution ebook!

Although you can buy the ebook right now and you can sign up for the Free Scrapbooking Newsletter right not, And, you can go check out the pre-launch stuff on the website right now too! LOL

So you see now, why I haven't been blogging every single day as I was! I have set up and built all these sites, products and newsletter all by myself and ALL from scratch! PHEW!

So you see the new Header on this blog is to show that it is now the official Blog for the new site.

I realise you may think, "Gosh there are so many scrapbooking sites out there already, why start a new one?"

Well there are a couple of reasons, but the main ones are...

So many of those sites have the following bad points:
They are confusing with all sort of flashing icons and adverts everywhere,
The information they give can be quite useless sometimes,
The information is boring to read and often have "no" pictures to illustrate,

I am creating a rich and colourful website that is easy to use, with lots of graphics to aid the articles. I hope that the articles I am writing will be very useful to Scrapbookers and Card makers, and I can expand on some of the topics I have touched on in the past on this blog.

I also want this site to be personal, and by that I mean that I am approachable, you can contact me and make suggestions for site content, or reviews, etc. On many sites it is very difficult to contact anyone and is very impersonal.

Scrapbooking is a friendly kind of hobby, all the fellow scrappers I have met are nice people and this should show through on the website... I hope it already does on this blog.

I also want to send out a Scrapbooking Newsletter that actually has some content in it! Not just adverts!!!

Of course, I do want to make money from all my hardwork online, hence my Ribbon Holder ebook and there are two more books in the pipeline as well, but I also want to build a strong business and I want to do with all you lovely people out there!!!

So... after all that... remember... 1st September is the First Newsletter from I have put a sign-up box at the top of the blog (on the left) so you can easily subscribe from here, or check out the site now to find out what's on offer (including SUBSCRIBER FREEBIES !) and sign-up there.

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