Monday, October 27, 2008

The beauty of a flower

How beautiful is this...

... and the picture below.
It is a photograph of a "SunPatiens" (or Busy Lizzy) in the evening sunshine.
If you click on the pictures you'll see a bigger image and you will be able to appreciate the glistening of every petal, especially noticable on the white flower.
I often get lost for a few special moments just admiring the wonder and beauty of nature.
I sometimes wonder how I can recreate such texture in a scrapbook page! I am thinking about creating a background paper with these and/or some photos I have taken of flowers... I will have to make sure that I choose the right paper for printing mind!
I may even use some spots of 3-D gloss to attempt a recreation of the sparkle of the petals... Hmmmm!!! thinking...!!!

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