Friday, October 17, 2008

Freebie Frenzy...And the Winner is....

Well the lines are closed... as they say on the TV! LOL Thanks for entering in the spirit everyone! Nice to see you all!

And the computer picked out the winner at random with a highly complicated algorithm which took many technical people months to perfect... oh all right then, the real way this was done this evening...

I wrote a number for each person who had commented on the Scrapbooking Freebie Frenzy post, onto the middle of a piece of paper, in a mixed up fashion. I then took the paper downstairs, with pin in hand, gave the pin to my husband, held the paper up with the numbers facing away from him and asked him to stick the pin in the paper anywhere he liked!

So... all mod cons and hi-tech stuff here! LOL

And the winner is.... Denyze! Denyze your number is up! It has a large pin 'ole through it! So email me your postal address and the kit can be winging it's way to you very shortly!

Actually... hang on a mo.... I will just pop downstairs and ask my man (!) to stick the pin in again and I'll send a little something as a RAK to someone else from the list...!

Ok... update... the pin (which I have to say was thrust rather forcefully into the paper this time!) stuck right through the number which corresponds to Siobhan! So as apparently your fave colour is green, I shall send a green RAK to you!

Well done to you both and a big thank you to all those who came over and commented this month.

1 comment:

Denyze said...

Yay for me!!! Thanks for giving me the chance to enter, it's the first time I've won anything to do with crafts.