Saturday, October 04, 2008

Scrapbooking Video - "How to make a background paper with a photocopier and pencil shavings!

Yes... that's right... pencil shavings! LOL

I have made this video to show you how easy, and effective, it is to create some scrapbooking background paper by scanning in/colour photocopying objects - in this case Colourful pencil shavings from the leftovers of having to sharpen my daughters pencils before she went to school!

At the time I made the photocopies, which I plan to use for a scrapbooking layout soon, I also took a scan. When I have made my own page layout, I will create a file of the background paper in either 8x11 or 8x8 (or both!) for you all to download.

So I hope you enjoy the video!

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LCM said...

I really enjoyed this video and blog entry when you first posted them but have only just got around to using the technique. It made a great backgound for my children's back to school layouts.