Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Inspiration - keeping notes

Here's a little one of my tips!

When I am surfing for Scrapbooking Layout Inspiration I make notes to remind of things I have seen, for later use... nothing new there!

However, when I am in my internet browser, I have my word processor package (Microsoft Word, in my case) running in the background.

When I see a layout I like, I copy the picture and paste it into my open page in Word. I then copy the address bar (the address of the exact page, not just the domain name) and paste that into my document too.

In Word, the links are "clickable" and I can get straight back to the right page directly from the open document.

I make notes, copy and paste text, etc... and I then save the document and can refer back to it later.

This is great for keeping sketches, layouts for scraplifting, etc because you have the information linked so that you can refer to the internet pages to make sure you give the correct credits... especially in my case with publishing on my blog here.

I often place these documents directly onto my "desktop" for easy access. When I have used the information, I simply delete the file! Of course you can print out these pages, but I mainly use this system for the ease of clickable links with which I can write some of my own notes.


Siobhan said...

Great idea Sunday, I've already put it into practice.

Sunday said...

Glad to hear it, I find it really useful and do it nearly every day!