Thursday, October 09, 2008

Finished Simple Layout and an admission!

Ok, ok.... I'll come clean... it's my 40th birthday today!

Right, I've off loaded that burden of a secret! phew, now I can move on, LOL, No not really, just another day!

So... the Simply Layout... yep.... can you spot the difference between this one and the version from Tuesday?

Yes folks, it's a game of "spot the difference" !
Sun was a bit strong this afternoon when I took this picture (I am pleased to say) so the shadows are a bit strong and long... and shhh to all those with filthy minds.... you should be ashamed of yourselves! LOL
You know who you are! LOL again.
Any road up, as my Grandad used to say... I will post a picture tomorrow of a super birthday card from my sister, who is a self-confessed "Non-Arty" person! So lovely she made the effort, but I have to say it's in true "Scrapbookers" style! and I think a round of applause will be in order!


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hope you had a perfect birthday? Love the layout, great colours xxx

Sunday said...

Aw thanks Heidi!