Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On a Personal Note

I thought I would just take a moment on my blog to do something personal!

I was in the process of logging into Blogger to write a post today... and then I realised it is now tomorrow! LOL

It's quarter past midnight whilst I type this... I got side tracked looking at other people's blogs... you know how that goes... right?!

Well I was going through some recent photos and I found this one, so I thought I would post it. My hubby took it on the evening of my birthday, just before we left to have a pizza together.
A nice photo (not cos I'm in it you understand!).
Anyway, I have been thinking about this blog and the sorts of things on it.
I have peeked at some others which seem to be ranked at the top of the Crafty Blogs list (see button on left hand side for my rating).
The blog at number 1 on this list gets around 800-1000 hits per day! it's a blog about handbag making! Next few down are from 500 down to 300 visits per day. I notice that a few of these shot up "the charts" as they give freebies away, such as digital scrapbooking kits, etc.
I wonder... do I give value for money (bearing in mind it's free LOL)?
I wonder what it is that makes those people visit? I also notice that a lot of the posts on the blogs (not all blogs) are just about personal stuff, and nothing to do with crafting, yet the visitors return, they are drawn somehow?
I have tried to keep my posts to scapbooking or crafting and have steered clear of personal posts... but maybe you would like to know more about other things too?


Dee said...

Lovely photo Sunday. You have not changed a bit! Dee x

Sunday said...

Aww, thanks Dee!

Siobhan said...

Here's my two pennyworth Sunday. I *sometimes* like to read about what other people get up to in their daily lives, but mainly I visit blogs for the crafty inspiration. If the daily stuff overwhelms the craft stuff, I get bored and stop visiting the blog. I suppose different people have different motivations for reading blogs, and what suits one will not suit the next person who happens along. Just do what you want Sunday1

Sunday said...

I think you are right Siobhan! I spend so much of my time trying to please others, I second guess myself all the time! I should just do what I want and see who wants to come along the for the ride! Thanks!