Friday, October 24, 2008

A Hybrid Scrapbooking Page - what do you think?

A short while ago I showed you a video of how I made a background paper using pencil shavings and my colour home photocopier.

Well this is a page layout made using the resulting background paper. You may notice that it is an A4 sized layout. I just thought it worked this way, what with the brwn background paper and the big word "Smile" - which I didn't want to lose.
So although the homemade "shavings" paper did actually come out around 8x10" I trimmed it to fit, I thought 12x12 would be to big.
Of course, the background paper already being lined, rather leant itself to direct written journaling... always a bit nerve wracking when you've done the whole of the rest of the page!
Anyway... would you say this was a traditional layout, or a hybrid one?
What it IS though, whichever you decide, is a multi-photo page layout!


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Great use of different combinations of textures, very unusual! Great fun page, Heidi xxx

Sunday said...

Yes, I thought I would put on some touchy feely bits in compensation for the fact that the shavings "look" like they should be touchy feely but aren't! LOL