Monday, October 06, 2008

Lots of Scrapbooking "stuff" to show you later

I have finished my Radio Interview with BBC Radio Norfolk... I think it went well ! Hubby rang me on my mobile just after I had said goodbye - while I was still in the studio! Forgot to turn it off and nobody at the studio reminded me... they forgot too! LOL

Anyway, I did take in an 8x8 LO to do and did some of it, I will just add a couple of ribbons and then I will show it to you all. It's another one of Inde (my border collie)... so everyone get ready to say Ahhhhh! LOL

Right... I am off to walk the dogs right now and then take the final CJ (circle journal) back to it's originator... Katy, who happens to live in the next town and as I have to go there to take Toffee to the vet for a (hopefully final) checkup, I thought I'd drop it off.

It's ok, I've taken photos... and will be posting them on here shortly.

Oh and yes, almost forgot... my team on UKScrappers (the Rockin' Ribbon Raiders) are providing this week's UKScrappers Challenge and I provided the sketch! So I have those items to post on here too!

Told you there was lots!

See ya laters!


AuroraDawn said...

Congratulations on your first live broadcast Sunday, did anyone manage to record it? can you upload it here?

Sunday said...

Hi there, thanks for that! Hubby listened, but didn't record I don't think, there is a listen again button on the BBC Radio Norfolk website, not sure if it "re-runs" all programs, I (apparently) don't have the right "RealPlayer" installed to test it! Typical LOL