Thursday, September 18, 2008

Random Mini Scrapbooking Album

This weekend there is another ScrapBuddies Crop at Ditchingham in Suffolk (England).

My demonstration/workshop is all about making what I call a Random Mini Album.

It's only called "mini" because it's not 12x12 basically, but it can still be sizeable! Mine is 8x6.

The Random refers to all the pages within, random subject, random theme, random sizes, basically "anything goes", as they say!

The picture here is actually a shot from a video I am making which explains it all and goes through various ideas for your own Scrapbooking Random Mini Album.

The Video will be out with the October Newsletter which is available to subscribers on October 1st!

UPDATE: Nov 29th 08 - these videos are now available directly from the site - follow this link to the article>>


Gina said...

Be warned - this is very addictive.
I started mine at the crop on Saturday and haven't been able to put it down yet! I just keep adding to it and it's a brilliant way to use up odd bits.

Sunday said...

Hi Gina! It is a bit addictive isn't it... you can keep coming up with ideas all day long!... let the Mojo Flow!