Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog Action Day - Can we Scrap(book) it?

Well now... I have just signed up to include this blog on Blog Action Day - the theme of which is "The environment".

This is done once a year (different topics each time) as a "mass awareness" exercise on a particular subject, using the power of blogging - in other words - millions of readers.

So on Monday 15th October, I, and all those others who have signed up have to upload a topical post! Mmmm... let me see! !
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day
As for today... well I just bought a new gadget - a wireless tablet... you know the tablet with a pen one uses instead of a mouse! So far it's fun... !

But the reason for buying it is actually because I want to get into Digital Scrapbooking! I've been looking around various sites and boy is there a lot of stuff out there! So that is my new venture - but I will be doing most of it when I go visiting my mum!! Instead of taking a whole carbootful of scrapping stash to heave up her 3 flights of stairs!!, I will just need my Lap Top, tablet and power cables! Trouble is I was taking all my stash to share with her, because she doesn't have that much. But I can always print something out for her can't I!

And I bet you're wondering what all this has to do with the picture of the front cover of a 4x4" mini scrapbook album?! Well nothing actually... the cover shot is a taster of the next post which will be all the pages in the mini album. It was used as a demo at the last Scrapbuddies Crop in September.

Oh and in case anyone is interested... it was my birthday yesterday!

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