Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quick Mini Scrapbook Album

Here, as promised, are the photos for the mini (4x4") scrapbook album.

Below I have listed the "Reminders/Instructions" for the album as given in a hand out to the ScrapBuddies Group in September.

One point of note as to the reason for making up the pages complete and then sticking them onto the album pages is that all the items such as brads and eyelets, etc that go through the paper are ultimately covered by the pages of the album.

Thus you not only have neat back to back pages, but your pockets are not obstructed either.

One little touch I quite like to do, if I have the right photo, is place a picture on the back cover which is a picture taken behind the subject... usually people (kids!).

You can see this in the photo of the back cover... one of the children (washing my car yey!!) has her back to the camera.

· Print and/or sort your photos – (print loads onto one A4 sheet)
· Cut paper (160gsm ish) ie not think card to 8x4” (4 pieces)
· Fold in half and staple
· Stick middle pages together to form a pocket and then the other 2 pages either side
· Choose your papers and sample embellishments NOW and place beside you (like a mini kit)
· Cover your Covers!
· Make up tag inserts x3 (3¼”w x 3½length) Note – embellishments will catch when sliding into pocket
· Cut 4x4” background sheets for each page.
Can use up scraps for this, backgrounds don’t have to the same throughout, DPS can be effective, use plain and patterned paper.
· Place all 8 “page backgrounds in front of you in DPS’s and place pictures and embellishments, when happy “stick items to backgrounds.
· When pages finished, adhere to book.

TIP – cover unwanted text graphics with placement of photos and embellishments.
TIP – you can also “paint” backgrounds using dry brush technique with poster paints/acrylics.

NOTE - (DPS = double page spread)

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