Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photographing Animals for scrapbooking

Well I finally managed to take a picture of "Inde" (my new puppy) without him freaking out!

He has settled into the household really well... our two other dogs don't appear to be bothered by him at all, but I think that's because he is not an over-exciteable puppy. Which is great!

Took him for his first jab yesterday... I don't think he even felt it, not a squeak! What a good boy! He even ran the gauntlett of meeting some of my daughter's nursery friends before going to the vet!

Anyway, photographing animals. My main tip for that one... get down to their level. I was crouching on the decking when I took this photo. And I have learned to turn on my camera out of his ear-shot (it beeps and whirs when you switch it on and the lens extends).

Flooding the subject with light (ie being outside) is a must for darker coloured animals. Oh and the subject remaining still helps!! LOL!

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