Sunday, October 07, 2007

Stark Scrapbooking

You may recognise the photograph used on this layout from a previous post. It is the one I enhanced by first turning it black and white and then used the "Diffuse Glow" option in the "Distort" option of the filter menu (Photoshop Elements).

The page was inspired by the insert found in a box of Black Magic chocolates and the insert (which I have threaded the gold ribbon through) is on the layout. It is the title for the page.

Unfortunately, the type is small and is not readable in the photo... so the title reads...

The page idea came from my team challenge (Rockin Ribbon Raiders team on UK Scrappers). Well a couple combined actually.

Black and white layout
Use some silver
Use something "see through".

I'm quite proud of myself actually because the see-through bit is actually the cellophane wrapper from a bunch of flowers. I used 4 silver brads to attach it to the page.

I wanted to keep the scrapbooking layout very simple - it is soooo tempting to put something in the blank (or in this case black!) spaces... but I have stopped myself... so far!!

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