Saturday, October 06, 2007

Paper Bag Book Album

Ok, here is the cover and pages 1-4 of my holiday paper bag book that I was talking about a couple of posts back.

A paper bag book lends itself to a holiday scrapbook album. With the pockets holding quite a lot including an envelope full of more unedited photos, a PBB is a fantastic way to display your photos that would otherwise end up in a drawer or in a folder on your computer scarcely looked at after the initial browse soon after your holiday has ended.

So, keep all the “stuff” from your holiday, tickets, receipts etc… keep it all, because for one all your receipts can be either collaged to make a nice background or (if they are acidic) make the collage and then photocopy it and use that as your background paper.

In fact you can do the above to make up a background paper for your ordinary scrapbooking.

And actually, that has given me an idea to create a scrapbooking layout background from various items including some lovely stamps I acquired recently. See this post

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Siobhan said...

Welcome back Sunday - hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Love the idea to use the stamps as a background - those flowery ones look gorgeous