Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmental Scrapbooking

Well it's 15th October and therefore Blogger "Environmental blog day" So in the spirit of it all here's my two penneth!

I have been trying to do all things environmental for many years in my own little way, was recycling all sorts of stuff before the councils started to do it properly. Why has it been so hard to recycle stuff.

More to the point why is it so difficult to buy stuff without loads of packaging?

Now as a scrapbooker, some packaging can be quite useful for some layouts, of course!! But I bought a packet of worming pills for my new puppy which is a packet a similar size to a pack of 16 paracetamol pills, maybe even a little fatter, yet inside was a very small strip of 3 very small pills rattling around!

Disgraceful, reminded me of Easter eggs! Now that is a dreadful waste of packaging! Every year plastic egg shaped containers are thrown into bins all over the world!

Now you could argue (just getting back to scrapbooking!) that you could be really environmentally friendly and digi scrapbook, and I would have to agree - no trees died in the making and all that - but there is no "touchy feely" to that is there?

So us scrapbookers do our bit for the environment doing something we love (ie scrapbooking) by recycling all sorts of items, like packaging, clothes, etc, and of course we use our scraps, eeking out full value from all our stash. As a famous supermarket slogan goes... "Every Little Helps!"
The card pictured includes recycled buttons and the pearl drop fan is part of a pair of earings found in a charity sale!

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