Friday, October 26, 2007

Scrapbooking for Children

Yesterday I held a workshop for Kids aged 8 and over at a local library.

Rather than getting them to create a scrapbooking layout I decided to organise a workshop for creating a 4x4 mini album instead.

Now technically it was a card covered on all sides, but we also made 2 pockets for tags.

Anyhow, of the 5 children in the group (aged 8-11) 3 of them were boys! Now I did cater for them in that the kit I produced did have blues and blacks in it, but actually they took to the flowers and girly stuff really well. I was pleased to see how their items turned out and when I post their pictures on the ScrapBuddies website I will post a link over to them.

I think they all did really well. One of the boys flashed through his creation and then wanted something else to do, so I gave him some left over paper and bits and he made me a thank you card! Wasn't that nice.

It was a funny feeling actually, cos I remember doing that sort of thing (making thank you cards for people) when I was the same age! Anyway... it was a pleasant surprise... well done Kynan!

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