Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick and Easy Scrapbooking Mini Album - 4x4"

While I was wondering what to teach for the children's workshop (which was last week) I thought a standard scrapbooking layout would be perhaps a little boring. My usual workshop for adults is an 8x8" page and then an A6 card made from the left overs of the kit.

Anyway, I decided that I would show them how to create a mini album.

This mini album is 4x4" and is in fact 2 pieces of 8x4" paper/cardstock stuck together around the edges, apart from the top. This format gives front and back pages and one double page spread, plus 2 pockets for 2 tags.

TIP: There is a trick to this kind of mini album, and that is to make up all the pages first and then and only then, adhere them to the booklet blank. In this way you don't suffer with brads sticking out the other side or the backs of staples showing, etc. Not to mention being able to get your tags in their pockets!

The pictures show the blank mini album, ready for the addition of photos. This type of project is great to give as a gift where the recipient can place his or her photos in the spaces provided.

The link to the photos of the children with their finished work is in the previous post.

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