Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scrapbooking Chickens - of all things!!

Up near where I live there is a roundabout which is inhabited by chickens! Well actually they are mostly cockerels, which I think are unwanted and just get dumped there!

The chickens have given the area it's name and it is known as "The Chicken Roundabout"!

There is even a "Chicken Roundabout" beer so I understand, although I have no idea what it tastes like!

It always amazes me that none ever seem to get squashed despite it being a busy main 'A' road.

Anyway, on my way home from a crop I decided to stop the car and take some photos. The chickens had just been fed by someone and were all out and about and of course all rushed over to me thinking they were about to get more food.

Instead they got a camera shoved in their faces!

All this was last year. Since then I have been trying to find the right stash for the pictures. And this weekend I finally realised that my new 6x6 pack of "Scarlett's letter" papers from Basic Grey were perfect for the job.

This is a classic case of printing the photos and putting them aside in a folder, gradually adding card and bits and pieces until it all finally came together.

I always advocate just putting bits and pieces together until inspiration strikes, rather than sitting down to a desk full of photos and then going through your stash and trying to match up stuff. Because that way you feel at the end of a couple of hours like you have achieved very little.

Gradually make up "kits" as and when you have a few minutes and then when you have a bit more time, your page elements are ready and waiting.

Oh and by the way... this is my second Chicken layout! The first was of my own Bantams because when we moved house we had to give them away... (to many cats around!!) so I scrapped a page of them.

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