Thursday, November 08, 2007

16 Photographs on One Scrapbook Layout - is it a Record?

Well it's a record for me anyway! I have had this page half done for about a year! Yes, you read correctly... a whole year!

I used the initial photograph on top of the patterned paper as part of a demo I gave to my Crop about using patterned paper.

I had the idea then that I wanted the main photo on the front, but wanted to include a selection of smaller photographs taken of our visit to a friend up in Yorkshire in a pocket behind. But that was as far as I got.

Since I have been fiddling with digital Scrapbooking lately, I thought, "Hey! Why don't I do a mini scrapbook page as the tag for the pocket?" So that is what I have done.

Mind you the resulting layout is actually 8x7", so not really a mini page! But there are 15 photos on that and including the main photo, that's 16 !

You might like to know about a little trick I did with the ribbon...

The green and maroon ribbon is one piece of wide ribbon, but it had a thin line of yellow down the middle, which spoilt the page. I decided to cover it with a thin cream coloured ribbon, using double sided tape and voila... the ribbon matched the papers beautifully!

The title "Ilkley" which is the name of the town where we were, I hand cut... no Craft Robo in my house yet!!!!

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WeB TooLz said...

Nice. Is there a pic of the 16 on 1?

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