Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Concertina Album Card

Here is the latest creation. It is a Christmas version of the birthday album/card I posted recently (but couldn't post a whole picture because the recipient isn't going to get it till January!

So I promised a similar item in a different form and so here it is!

I have made it using a piece of A4 green card (so rather than a 4 inch album, it is 9.9cm - which is just under 4 inches)

The papers were a freebie from Scrapbook Inspirations - however, rather disappointingly I notice that they no longer have freebie papers, and more recently, no free gift at all!
Anyway, the papers are from Doodlebug Design Inc (last years) and I the idea of this card/album is that it is initially a christmas card, but I will also include instructions for placing small photos of the recipient's choice onto each of the pages, after the festive season.

This is why it seems a little "bare" at the moment. I have deliberately not covered areas of each page so that photos can be added later.

So the card becomes a mini hanging scrapbook album! Good eh?!

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