Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Autumn Scrapping

I took this picture while it was still dry in my region of the world! Weather cold and wet now!

I took the new puppy and my Jack Russell for a walk this afternoon and got drenched in a cloud burst which lasted just until I stepped foot inside the house again! Typical! Mmmmm the smell of wet dog!!!!

Anyway back to the picture - I am a bit of a sucker for all the lovely russets and ochres of autumn.
"You like dark red don't you mummy?" as my soon-to-be-4 daughter says. I just love the colour of this tree's leaves again the blue sky - fantastic.

I have sunglasses which are a lovely shade of pink and they just make the autumn colours zing with beauty, frankly I wear them whenever I can - nothing like looking at the world through rose coloured glasses!

What's wrong with that is what I say!

I haven't scrapbooked an autumn page yet. Currently I am working on the demo for my next crop at the weekend!

It's a hanging concertina card... will post a picture after the crop on Saturday.

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