Monday, November 26, 2007

Scrapbooking Embellishments

This was actually a picture I tried to post a few posts back when I was giving a sneeky peek of the 4x4" concertina (accordion) album, but unfortunately Blogger wouldn't take this second photo so I ran with just the one.

This picture shows a close up of some dragonfly brads on one of the pages. They are from a box which was fairly cheap and was in a sale. Classic case of "they will be useful for something".

Then, of course, they sit around unused because they are not suitable for the theme of the current layouts being created.

That's where these little albums come into their own really... the pages can be just a collection of papers and embellishments (and in this case there is a quote rub on included on the page) and your done.

If you are stuck in a rut, can't find your "mojo" as they call it, your creative juices just aren't flowing... then make up a little album 4x4" is ideal but 3x3" is good too. It is then a process to limit what's on each page (not even a photograph on some). In that process you see things such as brads, and eyelets, and other embellishments as features in their own right instead of just an accompaniment to a much larger page/photo.

Use the embellishments not as embellishments, but as the "main attraction" to the page itself! It's quite refreshing!

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