Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another chance to say "Ahhhhh"!

Yes... this is definitely a bit of self indulgence!

My daughter, Honey, with my new pup, Inde (who is now 13 weeks old!) That's the pup of course LOL!

Took the picture today, as I thought I should as he has grown so much since I brought him home on 11th October!

See the post back then.

What can I say, they are both cute... however, both will be handfuls if I don't stick to my principles and keep a disciplined household! That's always assuming that Inde is as intelligent as his breed is supposed to be. I am looking forward to having an obedient dog - but I realise I have to put in the hard work now in order to achieve a happy, mentally healthy and loyal border collie... I'm not so sure about the daughter!! LOL!

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