Friday, November 23, 2007

Scrapbooking the Beauty within

This is a layout by one of my Teammies on UKScrappers. The layout itself is lovely, I'm a bit of a sucker for all things swirly, but the reason I felt moved to post it here to share with you all, was because of the journaling.

As you know I have been reading about and attempting to live "The Secret" - which is actually about the Law of Attraction and this layout fits perfectly into that.

My Teammie's words reflect how we should all feel about our bodies no matter what shape or weight we are. But even more than that her words also are a brilliant example of how we can appreciate anything in our lives.

And the importance of that?

By the Law of Attraction we attract more of what we focus on... focus on how much we appreciate ourselves, our friends, families or even complete strangers (epsecially if they have given us something like good service, or even just a smile) and we will receive the same.

I know this because just thinking about what I appreciate in my life, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, starts to bring a feeling of warmth into my heart, and as they say... "from little acorns..."

Anway, I leave you with the content of the post as it is on UKScrappers and I want to say a big thank you to ceruleanblue (her UKS name) for allowing me to share her thoughts and her layout with you.

"I've done this LO in response to a challenge on the All About Eve blog - Love Your Body.
The journalling inside the tag reads "I love my body in a practical rather than aesthetic way. I love it for what it can do for me. It carried my child; I can express my love for my husband; it takes me to places and shows me new experiences. I am lucky to be able to use my whole body to move and feel, to smell and taste, to listen and hear, to see and imagine. I love my body because it can bring those visions, feelings and experiences to life: it adds texture and dimension to my emotional and spiritual life. I love my body because it enables me to feed my soul."
The photo was taken when I was a few months pregnant with my son.
I used BG Periphery and DCWV All dressed Up papers, Bazzill bling cardstock, DCWV glittery rubons ; glitter letters are Making Memories cheeky shimmer alphas; I also used Autumn Leaves swirls stamps with blue chalk ink and clear embossing powder but they don't really show up in the photo."

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