Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photograph taken by my Three Year Old

Ok, she's nearly 4, but all the same, she wandered off when we were holidaying in the New Forest (Southern England) back at the beginning of October, with my camera in hand!

Luckily I always insist she has the strap around her neck just incase it should slip from her hands, but still, I was rather nervous of her tripping over a tree root or five actually!
Anyway, off she wandered with my Fuji S602Zoom (my pride and joy!) "I'm just going to take a picture of your cars mummy!"
So she did and this is the result! The Sports car (Celica) is mine, and the Frontera beside it is my mum's - we were holidaying together.
Now the camera did most of the work I realise (as it was set on Auto anyway), and ok, the picture is a little "off vertical", but I was rather impressed with the photograph.
So on the strength of this and other photos she has managed to take recently, I have decided to buy her a digital "point and shoot" camera for Christmas. I was going to get one of those kiddy ones, but the reports are that the picture quality is rubbish, so I will buy a "proper" camera for the less money (the kiddy ones are around £50-60!!) and see what else she comes up with!

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